A Little Bit About Me

Hello friends!


Welcome to my blog. This is a space where I hope to connect with the online community, so that I can share my passion to explore and create great food. Along with my amazing husband Joe, we are both committed to locally grown and properly outsourced food products to eat in the best way we can.

I earned my Bachelors degree in Bio-pharmaceutical sciences with a specialization in medicinal chemistry at Ottawa University, and then did my Masters in Chemistry at the University of Toronto. My education deeply influences what and how I cook, because I just can’t help but think of the human body and how it reacts to food!

I want to show you new and exciting ways to eat your vegetables (yes, it’s possible!), but also introduce you to the connections between food and farmers. Join me as I discuss seasonal and local produce, which includes exclusive trips to Farmer’s Markets around Toronto.

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