10 Uses for Fresh, Organic and Local Apples!


I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and the abundance of local apples, squash and other local produce. My mind has been fixated on apples lately.

Let me give you the lowdown!

Me and my husband recently got married in September.  Our wedding flowers did contain local flowers as well as apples, so this should have been a clue.


Wedding Flowers with Chinese lanterns, sunflowers, local heirloom flowers and berries (the apples were in the church arrangements!)

We recently purchased farmland in Ontario.  This year, we have been very busy with planting a walnut orchard and taking care of our new saplings. For more information about our land, please visit the website for our farm at 7fieldsfarm.com.  In the meantime, during a walk around our land, we stumbled upon an untouched apple orchard and found some delicious and sweet little apples!  We have been harvesting them now for several weeks.

Here are some images from the farm and apples we harvested:


We have been lucky to sell some of our apples at a local farmer’s market in Toronto, and met a lot of cool people that day.It was a real honour to join the hard working dedicated vendors at the farmers’ market.


Our market stall at Wychwood Barns farmer’s market in Toronto

I have also been busy in the kitchen making different things from the apples.

Here are my top ten apple ideas this fall:

1 – Apple Cider

All you need is a juicer and a lot of patience to core apples. To pasteurize the juice so that it lasts longer, heat it to 185F.


2 – VEGAN Applesauce Brownies

This is a very easy recipe! I will share the recipe in my next post, so stay tuned!

3 – Applesauce and Apple Skin Chips

If you have organic apples, why throw out the peel?

If you have a dehydrator you can make apple skin chips (and toss them in cinnamon and sugar after baking). I just cooked my apples skins in the oven, at 275 degrees for a few hours.


4 – Healthy Apple Pie

5 – Jamie Oliver’s Apple Pie Oatmeal Recipe

This is an amazing recipe for a slow morning or brunch  with friends.  It is very filling, and tastes just like an apple pie, but it is made of oatmeal!


6 – Hard Apple Cider

I am very excited to see how my hard cider turns out.  I ordered the hard cider kit from the Toronto Homebrew Supply Store. I just started my cider fermentation and am anxious to taste the final product in 1 month!


7 – Baked Apples

8 – Cinnamon Applesauce Granola

9 – Spiralized Apple Slaw

10 – 3-Ingredient Halloween Apple Bites

Enjoy the apples!



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