FALL in Love with Vegetables!

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all doing well!  As the fall season gets started, what better way than to celebrate this time of year by sharing my five favourite fall moments….veggie style!

1) Veggie umbrellas!  I went to the St. Jacobs farmers market a couple weekends ago despite the rain and grim weather outside.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my umbrella but fortunately I found a giant bunch of kale to protect me from the elements. And it happened to be tasty too!  I used the giant bunch of kale in my juices, salads and some cooked meals.

IMG_7195IMG_7194 (1)IMG_7215

You can also massage kale with a tsp of salt  to make it easier to eat and to wilt it in your salads without having to cook them!



2) Baking with Squash/Pumpkin Purée: I love to bake as the weather gets colder and what better way to bake healthy than with squash/pumpkin!  I use the squash/pumpkin puree in recipes to substitute oil.  So instead of using 1/2 cup of oil in your recipes, substitute 1 cup of squash/pumpkin puree and 1-2 tbsp oil.


Here are some recipes that you should try:

Pumpkin Nut Muffins

Pumpkin Almond Cookies (gluten free!)

Baked Oatmeal with Pumpkin and Bananas


3) Soups: This is the ultimate comfort food for fall!  I love my chicken and beef bone soups this time of the year, as well as others such as split pea soup with ham (below) and vegetable soup with vegetable broth (see my post on The Chemistry of a vegetable stock for more information on how to make a veggie broth).


4) Roasted Veggies: I love to roast my veggies in the fall.  I use an assortments of carrots, potatoes, onion, beets, turnips or rutabagas.  The key to delicious crispy roasted veggies is to roast for a long time (1 hr at least at 375 degrees F) and to cut your veggies in approximately the same size ( so that all veggies cook uniformly and you avoid burnt or undercooked veggies) as well as to spice u your roasted veggies with herbs.  I love thyme, rosemary, sage or even dill.  And don’t forget the salt (according to my boyfriend I never put enough 🙂 )!


And I can never get enough of  purple potatoes!  They have such a cool pattern to them – almost looks like granite!

Until next time my veggie friends!




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