An Rigata of Delicata

Hey Guys,

The fall is here and what better way to welcome this season than with squash!

The squash in particular that everyone’s raving about is delicata squash or sweet potato squash. This small squash is compact, easy to carry home (from your favourite farmers market) and has hardly any seeds inside.  And get this: There is no peeling required and you can eat the peel!

This fall vegetable is packed with nutrients and only 30 calories per 3/4 cup!  A serving has almost 75% of your daily intake of vitamin A and 15% vitamin C and lots of fibre since the peel is also edible.

The only thing is that you won’t find this variety at the grocery store since it is very susceptible to disease and delicate to ship since it’s not as thick-skinned as other squash. The shelf life is also shorter than for other thicker-skinned squash varieties. Oh well, it’s an excuse to go to the farmers market (not that I need one 🙂 ).


The delicata squash is very easy to deal with.  Just wash the skin well, cut of the stem from both ends and cut in half.  Remove the seeds from the inside and chop.  My favourite way to eat them is to chop them into rings and roast them in the oven.  I preheat my oven to 400 degrees F and coat my rings with grapeseed oil (higher boiling point oil than olive oil so that the squash doesn’t burn), some salt and pepper and they’re ready to go!


It looks artistic, no?  I cook my squash rings for about 30 minutes, flipping the squash over halfway through and…


Voila!  The inside is sweet and flavourful and the skin on the outside of the squash has crisped up beautifully.  The only problem is that there are never enough. One delicata squash makes about 20 onions rings (as shown in the picture below).


Enjoy as a side dish to a hearty burger.  The one featured below is a turkey burger with feta, sundried tomatoes and olives….

Or a vegetarian portabello cap as the patty for all you vegetarians out there!






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