5 Wonders of the Farmers Market

(Cover photo courtesy of DCVisArt Photography, check out the website for some amazing pictures and consider booking your next photo-shoot with DCVisArt! Thanks Daniel!)

Hey Guys,

Just popping in on a Wacky Wednesday to give you some fresh updates from the farmers market. Now is the best time to get the most variety and the freshest produce for the whole year. So, I will share some of my recent recipes and ways to use the veggies and fruits that are in season.

1) You know the rhyme: Beans beans they’re good for your heart! (I think you can figure out the rest). I am seeing lots of beans in the farmers market and they’re wonderful pan-fried in butter with some fresh onions.  And get this, we found some purple beans at the farmers market that change colour when cooked!  Take a look…


Before Cooking…


After cooking… (only one lone purple bean left 😦 )


2) Zucchini: We have some delicious zucchini available now in all shapes, sizes and colours! There’s the standard green zucchini, but we also saw zucchini that was tiny like candy, and large like squash called pattypan squash.

IMG_5760 (1)

Doesn’t this look like candy?


I stuffed my pattypan squash with wheatberries, onions, bacon, radish leaves, spinach, tumeric and smoked paprika.  Delicious for a light lunch during the week!


3) Fresh herbs: This week at the farmers market, I found lots of fresh herbs including (from left to right): oregano, coriander (delfino variety which has smaller leaves and packs a huge flavour punch), mint and parsley.


I took my coriander and parsley and made some delicious falafel balls.



4) Fresh olives from Greece and sheep’s’ feta from Country Meadows. Get this, this couple has a farm close to Toronto where they produce some veggies and raise some sheep and goats in the spring and summer. In the winter they travel to their inherited farm in Greece where they harvest fresh olives and make the most amazing olive oil.  Not to forget their amazing goat and sheep feta and their out of this world Greek yoghurt!




Mmm greek salad with fresh olives and sheeps feta from Country Meadows Organics!


5) Peaches! It’s finally that time of year for some fresh peaches.  Best when eaten ripe, I used them to make a new salad recipe!



Summer Salad with Peach and Walnut Dressing (Recipe from Whole Foods Health starts here recipes)


Enjoy the summer produce!



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