Some Eats and Treats from the Farmers Market!

Hey Guys,

Another busy fun filled weekend over here in Toronto! We had the TOAE, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, at City Hall in Toronto, where around 400 local artists shared their unique art work and give you an opportunity to purchase their unique creations.

We enjoyed the following artists work in particular:

Olga Oreshyna (Eccentricity of Wood)

Yves Forde (Fine Photography)

James Wardhaugh (Glass Blowing)

Luoyu Fine Art

Anna Clarey (Canadian Landscape Artist)

Pat Dumas-Hudecki

Duane Nickerson (Oil Painting)

We also enjoyed the farmers market, and a nice hike with our friends at the Kortright Conservation Centre as well this weekend!

Anyways on to my blog post! Today I would like to share my 5 eats and treats from the past few weeks.  Of course these are all thanks to our local farmers who make these delicious moments happen!


1) Fresh veggies at the Farmers Market!  Recently I have been seeing a lot of lettuce, kale, radish and sugar snap peas….yum!


IMG_5000 (1)

And we are definately enjoying the last asparagus of the season!  Can’t get enough of asparagus!



And strawberries are also finally in season!


2) Picnics and log walks: After a long walk on a nature trail, nothing is more refreshing than noshing on fresh veggies….and local cheese, bread and sausage of course!




3) Fresh Lamb’s liver from Birkbeck Farms, seared in butter and enjoyed with salad and ceasars. Now that’s dinner!



4) Swiss Chard Wraps:  July is here which means lots of fresh swiss chard!  Swiss chard is a very mild green, is not bitter and can be enjoyed raw acting as a wrap to wrap up all you favourite goodies.  You can wrap swiss chard around anything: avocado, cheese, veggies, cold cuts and even some nuts or nut butters! Go crazy on the filling since you don’t have to worry about the carbohydrates in the wrap! Thanks to Vicki’s Veggies and Everdale Farms for the swiss chard!

IMG_5467 (1)


The best way to stuff your swiss chard is to wash and dry your greens and cut off the end of the stem, so that the leaf is easier to fold into a tortilla!



Fill with your favourite toppings, roll and enjoy!



5) Sunday morning Pancakes!  The flavour today is lemon ricotta from, from the leftover ricotta from Best Baa Farms that I had used for my stuffed zucchini flowers! (See last week’s post)



Have a great week!


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