Exploring Our Newly Purchase Farmland!

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another beautiful weekend here in Ontario.  We’ve been so lucky in the past few weeks to have such beautiful weather.  Me and my boyfriend took this weekend to take a little road trip to our newly purchase farmland. We recently bought 70 acres of farmland in Eastern Ontario, just north of Greater Napanee. Our long term plan is to grow organic vegetables, as well as planting an orchard, despite our limited experience as farmers (and our crazy city life back in Toronto!).

Here are some pictures showcasing the biodiversity in terms of the land and wildlife!

Our land is composed of four main parts:

1) Four farming fields (currently grass is growing here, for hay)


Each field is separated by a treeline.


Amazing, we’ve never seen grass that’s waist deep!  Imagine the potential for growing organic veggies!


2) Pasture Fields, where neighboring cows pasture and fertilize our land (with a smelly but useful donation!)!


Entrance to pasture fields



Pasture fields


3) A forested area and a stream!



Notice the darker vegetation in the middle of the picture?  There is actually a little stream that runs through our property there!


We can also see that there was probably a larger body of water on our water at one point and definitely some beavers!



4) Biodiversity Galore!

Not only do we have a great assortment of land types, theres also a lot of biodiversity in the plants and wildlife on our land.  The place is filled with bees, butterflies, dragnfly’s, lots of birds (and lots on unique bird calls), frogs, and even chipmunks!


Beautiful older tree on our property.


It looks like we might also have some deer on our land!


Can you spot the butterfly?


And where could that frog be?


Evil Chipmunk!


Is this a spiders nest?

Oh and did I mention the wildflowers?





We also took soil samples on our farmng fields to test the pH and found the soil to have a pH between 7-8, so mildly alkaline.




And of course, the day wasn’t complete without a visit to a local farmers market in Verona, as well as Food Less Traveled, a grocery store in Verona, Ontario where all their products are local and support local farmers. We has some fresh whole wheat bread, baked beans, hunters sausage from Seed to Sausage, and some delicious pickles from Kountry Korner.  Of course we also ate our veggies!


Have a great rest of the weekend!


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