St Lawrence Market – A fresh experience!

Hey Guys,

It’s finally the long weekend and what a weekend it has been so far!

I have been busy checking out the St Lawrence Market, despite the chilly weather. The St Lawrence Market is a permanent market located on the Toronto Waterfront.  It is open all year round and you can find in it the freshest fish, meat, cheese, deli and some wonderful local fruits and veggies.


Before heading down to the market, me and my boyfriend started off our day with a delicious brunch at the Senator Restaurant. I took the latte, the berry smoothie and we split a vanilla french toast on challah bread and huevos rancheros with black beans, fresh salsa and cornbread. The Senator restaurant is unique in that it has been in Toronto since 1929 so it has a very unique diner feel to it.




Yummy! After fuelling up, we headed down to the St Lawrence market to scope out the veggies that were freshly harvested this week.


We found freshly harvested:

-Rhubarb – delicious dipped in sugar to counter its bitterness, it is a good source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting.  The high fibre content in rhubarb also makes it a good cholesterol-lowering agent and has been used as a laxative and to cure bloating for a long time.  So next time your stomach is not feeling great, reach for some rhubarb and you’ll be back to normal in no time!

-Young Garlic – looks like green onions, these garlic are harvested before they start to develop in the bulbs we know garlic to look like.  They have a mild garlic taste, and are best enjoyed in salads or lightly fried.


-Multicoloured peppers –  These peppers are a great source of over 30 different caretenoids as well as being a great source of vitamin C. They also has some sulfur compounds in it similar to garlic (cystein S-conjugar beta-lyases) which when eaten raw have anti-cancer benefits.


-Herbs – Showcasing some lovely fresh dill, chives, oregano, thyme, mint and sage, these herbs are perfect for flavouring dishes and giving a new taste to foods, lessening the need to reach for the salt shaker at the dinner table.  Check out my creamy dill potatoes as a  example!


-Asparagus – One of the most healthiest veggies, asparagus is unique in many ways.  It contains inulin, which we can’t digest but it feeds the good bacteria in our colon which allows them to better absorb nutrients, and lowers your risk of colon cancer. It is also important in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels because of the high amount of vitamin B it contains. And its in season so it’s even more delicious and more affordable than it usually is in grocery stores!


-Fresh lobsters, at a great price!  $7.99 per whole lobster!


Among my purchases included:

-Fresh basil, thyme, mint and sage


-California strawberries

-Coloured bell peppers

-Young garlic


-Grape tomatoes, grown locally in a greenhouse

-Fresh baguette, sliced


… and some delicious extras including cooked lobsters, and spicy Hungarian sausages!



Coming up….

Some recipes with these fresh ingredients:

-Portabello Mushroom burgers


-Bruschetta with fresh basil


I will be posting these two recipes in the next 24 hours so stay tuned!


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