The Carrot’s Storied Past

This post is dedicated to my friend in Australia. She has been struggling to buy vegetables since the price of veggies has been really high. The only veggie that is affordable is the carrot. I hope you can all get some creative ideas on preparing carrots in many different ways with this post!


A very common vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked.  But did you know that they’ve been around since the tenth century, where it was originally purple?  Yes, the carrot was originally cultivated in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq in the tenth century, but it has been around since ancient Egypt where the carrot seed was supposedly used for medicinal purposes.  The progression from the purple to the yellow and then the orange carrot occurred over a span of 500 years, where through domestication the anthocyanins (flavonoids, or water-soluble pigments responsible for the purple colour of the carrot and the bitterness of the heirloom varieties) were removed to create an orange carrot that was sweeter and larger than the more wild varieties. Can you tell that I am a chemist by training?


You can still find the heirloom carrot (purple, white or yellow) in stores or farmers markets today and they are perfect for adding to meal, salads and even desserts to add colour to your plate.  In terms of the nutritional benefits of carrots, they contain more than your daily value of vitamin A (good for the immune system and for vision), and a good amount of fibre, among others (we all know what fibre is good for!). Purple carrots are more nutritionally dense than their orange counterparts, as the anthocyanins are antioxidants which themselves have a myriad of benefits.

Here are a few suggestions on recipes using carrots:

-Chop up carrots and add to your stir fry

or use them to make a moroccan style carrot, chickpea and tomato stew!

or make a hearty lentil soup!

-Using a vegetable peeler, cut the carrots into tiny strips and add to salads, use in place of noodles OR make carrot chips!

(See my pad thai salad recipe on my previous blog entry “More than just green in a bowl”)

Simple recipe for Carrot Spaghetti:

Recipe for Crispy Carrot Chips:

-Grate the carrots and make a healthy carrot carrot cake made from oatmeal. I use a delicious recipe from the blog Oh She Glows:

OR Make some carrot, date and nut balls for a easy grab and go snack to keep you going!

As you can see, there’s more to do with carrots than just roasting them or frying them in a pan, as a side dish for meals. They can be the base of a meal or even part of dessert!

I would love it if you could comment on my post so that I can get some feedback and a few suggestions or questions for my future posts. Because of the carrots I have great eyesight so I will be watching for new comments! 😉

Till next time,



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  1. Hi! Awesome ideas for carrots – thank you! I’m curious what kind of sauce you use for your carrot stir fry though – would you provide some more details on this?

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